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MGMWERX is a collaboration and innovation hub aligned with Air University’s education initiatives. Advancing Air University’s intellectual and leadership development mission on behalf of the Air Force and Space Force.
What We Do
What Werx
MGMWERX hosts collaboration and assessment events on behalf of Air University to accelerate discovery, ideation, prototyping and engagement.
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MGMWERX is constantly assessing the landscape in the areas of defense, innovation, and adult education.


MGMWERX partners with Air University’s Innovation Accelerator (AUiX) to advance Air University’s Intellectual and leadership development mission on behalf of the Air Force and Space Force.

MGMWERX operates through a Partnership Intermediary Agreement between our parent company, DEFENSEWERX, a 501 (C) 3 non-profit organization, and Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL).


MGMWERX hosts collaboration and assessment events on behalf of Air University that innovates education, inspires critical thinking, and shapes future ideology supporting Air Force and Space Force objectives and national security strategy.


MGMWERX enables Airmen’s ideas to become reality. We support Air University’s building blocks of innovation with access to Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), industry and academic partners, community leaders, and innovators. We accelerate the work so ideas can scale across the United States Air Force and Space Force.  

Air University

MGMWERX partners with Air University to inspire new thinking, optimize talent, and serve as a breeding ground for collaborative thought. We enhance production of high-quality, innovative research and ideas that span issues of importance to the Air Force.

Air University Innovation Accelerator (AUiX)

MGMWERX partners with Air University Innovation Accelerator (AUiX) to connect AU students, faculty, and staff with partners throughout the DOD, academia, and industry. MGMWERX supports AUIX in identifying opportunities for collaboration, as well as developing new capabilities, strategies & technologies to increase military effectiveness.

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MGMWERX, Fostering Relationships that Cultivate the Next Generation of Leadership

MGMWERX, Air University’s innovation hub in Montgomery, Alabama, has been instrumental in fostering unique relationships between the United States Air Force’s Air University and nontraditional partners nationwide and locally. A recent partnership between a group of Air University students and Montgomery Public Schools has resulted in a one-day leadership training...
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At the MGMWERX facility, people and organizations experience innovation and collaboration in unique ways through experimentation with emerging tools, processes, and methods to get innovation to the warfighter faster.

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