DeepMedia Partners with MGMWERX for August 26 Session on the Threat and Opportunity of Deepfakes to National Security

Free workshop to inform government officials and the public on the evolving ecosystem of deepfake creation and the impact on the future of global communication.

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, August 16, 2022 / — DeepMedia, a pioneer in the creation and detection of synthetic media for dual-use commercial and defense purposes, has announced a partnership with MGMWERX, an organization accelerating innovation, research and education between the U.S. Air Force and Space Force and industry, academia and community, for a free workshop on Friday, August 26th at 11:00 am CST at MGMWERX in downtown Montgomery, AL.

Taking place at MGMWERX headquarters in Montgomery, Alabama, this free workshop will be open to the public and streamed online for national and global audiences. The deep-dive session on the state-of and methodology behind creating generative and synthetic materials will kick off with a basic overview of what a deepfake is and include deepfake generation exercises. Additional topics to be covered include deepfake detection tools and how to read results, educating on the role public and private datasets play in generative media, and why deepfake datasets, detection tools and generation are critical to the future of ensuring the U.S. and their allies are prepared to take on today’s modern visual, vocal, and aerial deepfake threats.

“DeepMedia is honored to partner with MGMWERX and help promote the education of synthetic media within the Air Force community. We believe that synthetically altered text, audio, and video present the largest upcoming threat to U.S. Defense and broader National Security communities,” said Rijul Gupta, CEO and founder of DeepMedia. “Synthetic media can also provide immense opportunities to promote peace, safety, education, and cross-border collaboration through ethical-only applications, such as universal translation. We are proud to continue a strong company tradition of aiding the United States Defense and Intelligence communities in their efforts to remain dominant in the ever-changing synthetic media landscape.”

To further assist in the research and development of this ever-evolving sector, DeepMedia recently released a set of over one million real and synthetic aerial satellite images to the public via GitHub and plans to continue releasing advanced face and voice deepfake detection datasets over the coming months. “DeepMedia has a proven track record of being a leader in creating hyper-realistic synthetic face and voice technology,” said Joyce Vaughn, MGMWERX Director. “Having previously briefed the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), Army Research Laboratory (ARL), National Geospatial Agency (NGA), National Air and Space Intelligence Center (NASIC), and the Special Operations Command (SOCOM) on the underlying technology that powers ongoing threats to U.S. National Security, we are excited to be partnered with DeepMedia on this endeavor as they use their expertise to help to combat threats posed by synthetically-manipulated media.”

Those interested in learning more or registering for the event can visit or reach out to the press contacts listed below.

About DeepMedia
DeepMedia is a San Francisco-based synthetic media platform company that pioneers industry-leading generation and detection capabilities for dual-use commercial and defense purposes. The company is an expert in synthetically-manipulated audio/video (e.g., deepfakes) detection. DeepMedia offers ethical-only generation services such as its proprietary platform, DubSync, which is currently in production with the United Nations, film & TV production studios, and the biggest content-creators on YouTube to automatically translate and dub videos in 10+ languages. As a leader in the rapidly developing synthetic media space, DeepMedia aims to provide the Defense and Intelligence Communities with unparalleled access to technology and data to ensure that the United States and its allies remain dominant in all forms of synthetic generation and detection. For more information visit,

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