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Biz development training for both newly LAUNCHED startups and seasoned entrepreneurs/businesses looking to LAUNCH new products & services.

About this Event

This powerful 6-week business training workshop series brings a scientific method approach to the business development process of gaining customers & growing your business.

This data-driven methodology has fueled hyper-growth for companies across the U.S. and the entire world. This course explains current industry best practices for delivering products and services to market, and offers practical insight on how to

  • Discover and Develop Customers
  • Become more PROBLEM Centric not PRODUCT/SERVICE Centric
  • Monitor/Manage the Customer & User Experience

Why participate in the I85 Cyber Corridor Initiative training mini-series and what qualifications do their trainers & instructors bring to the process?

  • Over the last 5+ years I85 Cyber Corridor trainers/instructors have trained and mentored over 250 regional entrepreneurs.
  • I85 Cyber Corridor trainers have previously served as judges in both the Alabama Launchpad Statewide and Regional Startup Competitions while mentoring many of the respective participants through the business pitching process.
  • The team from the I85 Cyber Corridorhave hosted an array of business development training workshops on behalf of corporations, college and universities and regional chambers of commerce.

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