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MGMWERX hosted a team of competitively-selected coders and industry experts for a 3-day project called the Smart Community Coding-Sprint. On August 28th, the group presented their Smart Base application at the AFITC Closing Ceremony. The application was accepted at the ceremony by Eileen Vidrine, Chief Data Officer of the United States Air Force. The Sprint attracted and leveraged specific coding expertise to Montgomery to produce the application, a mission-relevant application to be used by the Air Force mission set and the city of Montgomery.

“This Coding Sprint [was] intended to mobilize a select group of trailblazing developers from both inside and outside the military to rapidly generate a software product that answers the mission challenge,” explained Steve Werner, Director of MGMWERX.

“I met many knowledgeable people who were team-oriented and willing to share their experience,” explained Zachary Lewis, a Coding Sprint team member.  “I know this is something anyone who wants to learn more and do something with a purpose would enjoy.”

Event Outcomes

  • 18 coders (both inside and outside the gate)accomplished their mission of creating an application that can scrape event data from multiple websites, and store it in a central location.
  • The application will become a part of a larger Air Force project which can be used by military personnel and the civilian community alike.
  • Team members gained experience coding a one-of-a-kind application, while networking with industry and subject matter experts.
  • Partners outside the gate participated through sponsorship: i85Cyber.org, eSolutions Architects Inc., and Red Hat Inc.