2021 Summer Workshop for Teaching Space (SWOTS)

Event Took place: July 30, 2021


Event Synopsis

The SWOTS event was a resounding success based on government partner feedback and attendee feedback. SWOTS was a five-day workshop that offered an intensive short course on the fundamentals of space; introduced academics to new and innovative techniques to teach about space; provided access to high-level government and private officials working in the space industry.

The workshop acquainted participants with the current issues that dominate US space policy and much of the world’s attention (e.g., security, exploration, commercialization), and delivered on the expectation of examining classic works about Space. The week-long event was highlighted by former US Congressman (R-OK) and NASA administrator, Jim Bridenstine, as a key-note speaker as well as other top leaders from around the globe in this realm of expertise

Event Outcomes

• Mr. Jim Bridenstine, former US Congressman (ROK) and NASA administer also met with community and business leaders, the mayor’s office, Lt Governor’s Office and AETC civic leaders to discuss the significance of SWOTS being held in Montgomery and at MGMWERX
• $1,000 scholarship awarded to attendee pursuing career in Space Industry
• Introduce 70+ instructors from military and civilian academic institutions, as well as select government employees, to new and innovative techniques for teaching and conducting research on space