AF Cyber College Call For Abstracts

Event Took place: February 11, 2022

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Event Synopsis

On behalf of Air University and in partnership with the Air Force Cyber College (AFCC), MGMWERX announced a call for teaching abstracts on topics related to Cyber Strategy, Policy, and Leadership. Successful abstract entrants are invited to work on their draft cyber teaching case in the Air Force Cyber College Cyber Case Study Workshop – three (3) sessions of eight (8) hours held at MGMWERX facility in Montgomery, AL, Workshops sessions will be conducted virtually starting January 2022. Cyber College will review and award up to $2,000 for eligible case studies to be published by the Air Force Cyber College Case Study Program.

Event Outcomes

• Successfully completed the Collaborative Event and gained sufficient submissions for AFCC
• Currently facilitating three (3) case study workshops with 25 attendees
• The Cyber Case Study is an example of the transfer of knowledge and ideas between academia, public/private sector, and Air University. Participants include West Point, Army War College, Penn State University and Casi-Research