Agile Combat Employment (ACE) Assessment Event

Event Took place: April 30, 2022

ACE Assessment Event (LinkedIn Post)

Event Synopsis

The United States military is shifting the way it trains and fights using ACE—a reactive or proactive scheme of maneuver used to complicate the adversary’s decision-making process via adaptive basing. Therefore, the team must be able to “pick up and leave” at a moment’s notice. ACE relies on the efficient use of aircraft cargo loading equipment and capacity. Ongoing problems exist with the size and sustainability of current MHE.

Existing MHE has a large footprint (i.e., takes up too much room on transport aircraft) and is hard to sustain (i.e., fuel, power, spare parts, etc.). Without this proper type of MHE, there is no ability to on/off-load necessary cargo (in up to 10,000 lbs per pallet) at adaptive bases.

The desired outcome produces MHE ideas and/or prototypes with: 1) a small logistical footprint, 2) is effective in moving cargo, and 3) is easily sustainable (i.e., powered by and powers available equipment—aka. multi-use) which enables greater agility, efficiency, and effectiveness of the ACE concept. 

Event Outcomes

  • 6 solution submitted
  • 1 solution funded totaling $100K
  • Event attended by 35+ Airmen and Base personnel