BTW VR Academy

Event Took place: April 7, 2021

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Event Synopsis

MGMWERX, on behalf of the Air University, recently orchestrated the installment of two virtual reality stations at Booker T. Washington Magnet High School in Montgomery. Lobaki, a virtual reality company and academy, implemented the installation, will facilitate the training of select teachers at the high school. In turn, this Virtual Reality academy will assist in equipping students with professional skills in these technologies for future job opportunities. Vince Jordan, founder of Lobaki Institute, will be training select teachers in hopes of assisting future graduates in readiness for professional careers. Students will have the opportunity to learn the full spectrum of virtual reality technology, including coding and graphics.

Event Outcomes

• MGMWERX connected Lobaki Institute and Air University to secure funding, curriculum and equipment .
• BTW selected 2 instructors for the initial training on the equipment and curriculum. Students will begin training Fall Semester 2021.
• The BTW VR Academy is the 1st VR Academy established in Montgomery, AL (MPS) and the 2nd in the state.
• Students who participate will be presented a certification that may be used in their professional pursuits post-graduation.