Project Praxium: Classroom of the Future (AE)

Event Took place: July 15, 2022

Project Praxium Event Cover (1)

Event Synopsis

The PPCotF will focus on the learning environment. The PPCotF will be equipped with technology and provide an environment allowing Air University and Montgomery Public schools, the opportunity to enhance the quality of teaching and learning for both residential and distance-learning programs through collaboration that creates distinctive and effective learning experiences.   

The ideal classroom will include equipment, software, scheduling considerations, and aesthetics/palate design conducive to learning. For example, auto-tracking cameras allow teachers to move around the classroom while students follow along at home. Perhaps the space will have high definition microphones and audio to augment the at-home experience. Students in class and those attending with are able to engage in live instruction. They can ask questions in real-time and take part in discussions with the teacher and their classmates. Students may learn in virtual and augmented reality with students and instructors across the world. The PPCotF leverages technology that move education forward. 

Event Outcomes

  • 11 Whitepapers submitted
  • 27 Q&A participants
  • 3 companies selected in various capacities