WERXshops! Series: DeepMedia.AI

Event Took place: September 1, 2022

DeepMedia Event Cover-2

Event Synopsis

The August installment of the WERXShops series featured Deep Media, a synthetic media company working to create an ethical standard for the use of deep fakes and AI deep learning technology. The audience of 80+ received DeepMedia’s proposed training program for Air University and USAF that would utilize their deep fake detection software. DeepMedia is currently providing lesson plans and curricula to Air University for the 2023 semester and returning to Montgomery in February 2023 as a guest lecturer for Air University.

Event Outcomes

  • 2 speakers
  • 79 Ecosystem connections through registrations
  • 17 in-person attendees
  • 55 virtual attendees
  • Multiple Air University connections made
  • Transfer of knowledge and tech-based learning – Deep Media has been invited by multiple Air University professors to come lecture to students and teach them about their technology because of the WERXShop opportunity
  • Deep Media is working in conjunction with Air University to develop curriculum for students as a direct result of this WERXShop