Deployable Self-Generating Water System Technology

Event Took place: November 5, 2021


Event Synopsis

MGMWERX partnered with the 187th Fighter Wing, Alabama National Guard to host an Assessment Event(AE) to identify the agility, reliability, and sustainability of a new deployable, self-generating water system technology.

The 187th assessed commercial, "off-the-shelf" technology to rapidly respond to the need for this technology. In support of the technology transfer and transition objectives of the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), MGMWERX identified 6 companies with water-generating products.

Event Outcomes

  • Connected 6 commercial companies with the 187th Fighter Wing.
  • 5 companies were invited to demonstrate their products during the Exercise, “Southern Lightning Strike”
  • 1 company attended the demonstration and presented their product to Air Force leadership and acquisition managers