GeneCapture Technology Showcase

Event Took place: August 13, 2019

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Event Synopsis

Military and industry leaders gathered for a demonstration of the GeneCapture technology. GeneCapture is an infection detection solution with potential benefit to military and industry applications. This meeting also served as an opportunity to get feedback on potential customers and how to improve (ruggedize) the product for military use.

Event Outcomes

• GeneCapture presented the fundamental concept of operations for their product [Detect presence of up to x pathogens, in one hour, at a cost of <$20 per test].
• Participants recited the basic requirements for such a system to be most useful for their mission requirements.
• Participants also recited several ideas for how the product might be even more useful, and provided contact information for numerous other military organizations that would have an interest in the GeneCapture product.
• This event was an OUTSTANDING exchange of ideas. MGMWERX industry partner—GeneCapture—was very pleased with the interactions and the information they received.