Innovation Collaborative Event: EDUCATION (ICEE)

Event Took place: April 30, 2022

Innovation Collaborative Event EDUCATION (ICEE)_SQUARE

Event Synopsis

MGMWERX, in collaboration with AETC/A9 and AUiX, hosted a Government Only Collaborative Event (CE) with over 17 organizations to discuss and develop courses of actions (COAs) regarding Innovation Education in the United States Air Force (USAF). The 2-day event allowed for participants to ideate current limitations within education innovation and ways to overcome stated limitations. The group developed 16 COAs that were structured around USAF innovation needs. Outcomes from this collaborative event will lead to further discussions with Government organizations. Future discussions and events may include industry partners in order to gather additional ideas and solutions for innovation education. Day 2 of the event allowed over 15 organizations to describe how they support and engage in the innovation space across the Department of the Air Force.

Event Outcomes

• Over 60 Air Force Innovation Education leaders attended the assessment event
• 16 COAs were developed and presented to AETC leadership
• 16 COAs developed
• Future events may include industry collaboration events and innovation education assessment events