PME Future Technology Showcase

Event Took place: October 27, 2020

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Event Synopsis

MGMWERX hosted a live technology showcase presenting state-of-the-art instruments utilized for the delivery of content for instruction. With both military and civilian attendees, leaders in professional education technology, including Design Interactive, Overmatch, Bevilacqua Research Corporation, Dynepic, and The DVI Group, presented expertise and processes on the subject matter. "This event was a huge benefit to those interested in utilizing technologies to enhance their teachers, students, or other institution's lesson plan development and delivery," explained Eric Gerritson, MGMWERX Innovation and Collaboration Principal.

Event Outcomes

• Attendees were able to access the newest technological tools for military and civilian professions, especially education enterprises and airmen development.
• This event made MGMWRX technology partners more aware of Air University challenges and needs. The AFWERX Mission Focus Area Workshop is the follow up to the PME Future Technology Showcase event.
• MGMWERX established a central hub to promote our PME Future Technology partners and connect them with military champions -
• Leaders had access to products that could directly help with the professional development of its scholars as well as proficient processes for the selection and training of instructors.