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Event Took place:

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Event Synopsis

Early 2020 the Blue Horizons research task force teamed up with MGMWERX to host a challenge for robotics teams from schools in the River RegionThe STEAM Machine from Wetumpka High School, GEARS, Inc. from Eastwood and Cornerstone Schools, and Brewbaker Technology Magnet High School Robotics teams. The challenge was to create a protective shell for a raspberry pi computer and battery. When used in the field, the protected computer will be dropped from an aircraft into military zones. GEARS, Inc. from Eastwood and Cornerstone Schools won the challenge. The group received a monetary award and their design will be replicated for use by Air Force Operations.

Event Outcomes

• MGMWERX was able to provide Blue Horizons with nontraditional military partners in the form of local robotics teams.
• Participants were invited to present their research and rationale for proposed solutions on 18 February 2020. Teams were awarded a coin and a Letter of Appreciation from Brigadier Gereal Sloane, Commandant of Air War College
• The winning prototype has now moved on from production to testing where a live drop of the item has been performed.
• Local manufacturer, Acclaim Industries, produced over 700 modified designs for testing. The prototype is now ready for use in the field where it will be dropped from aircrafts into military zones.