WERXshops! Series Demonstrations: Quantum Computing as a Disruptive Technology

MGMWERX proudly presents WERXshops, a series of events, demonstrations, discussions, and seminars designed to provide Air University students, Airmen, and the public with opportunities to learn from the best Subject Matter Experts. We are bringing you expertise representing academia, industry, technology, innovation, national security, foreign policy, space and so much more.

TOPIC | Embracing Military Quantum Computing as a Disruptive Technology

The October installment of WERXShops is in collaboration with IQPARC, Guided Particle Systems and Purdue University will feature a demonstration of quantum capabilities and discuss military applications.

Quantum computing has the potential to deliver new computing capabilities for how the Air Force plans to fight and win in what it calls multi-domain operations. It may also advance materials discovery, artificial intelligence, biochemical engineering and many other disciplines needed for the future military. In the race to master and harness advanced technology, the Air Force is making strides within quantum research, bringing “Q-Day” to fruition sooner. Q-Day, or the day all Airmen have access to quantum technology, is the ultimate goal. The Air Force Research Laboratory is leading the way into the quantum frontier.

The event will be October 31st at 11:30pm CDT on MGMWERX ZoomGov platform.

Access to the Virtual Demonstration will open at 11:15am CDT and the discussion begins at 11:30pm CDT.

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Meet the Speakers

Guided Particle Systems (GP) is an advanced technology company that specializes in equipment, processes, and materials for system-level electronic and quantum packaging, scaling, and integration. Born from a need to rapidly design, fabricate, test, and iterate small form factor, low power, low-cost, mobile sensors, GP has an untethered, holistic approach to creative technology development. From the arts to analytical chemistry, robotics, and quantum science, we research, develop, and apply cross-disciplinary and cross-industry technologies, tools, and techniques in our solutions.

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