Useful Fiction

Event Took place: November 5, 2021


Event Synopsis

MGMWERX hosted Useful Fiction’s annual in-person, two-day workshop with the Air Force Blue Horizon’s Fellows in November 2021. Useful Fiction works at the intersection of strategic foresight, technology discovery, and narrative strategies. They have pioneered a new methodology to envision, innovate, and communicate unique aspects of future conflicts.

Useful Fiction uses the “Creative Futures” concept to instill in the US Air Force and Space Force an appreciation for the utility of science fiction to broaden one’s mind when assessing the likelihood and characteristics of future conflict.

We operate in an unconventional and ambiguousworld. Useful Fiction provides additional training in the utilization of science fiction to help predict how future wars will be fought. Officers develop strategic foresight, technology, discovery and narrative skills to help predict and describe a conflict yet to occur

Event Outcomes

• 20 Blue Horizons Fellows attended
• 8 Speakers/Authors/Screenwriters from around the world
• Introduced sci-fi practice theory to challenge assumptions about future technology trends
• Offered practical examples for fellows to professionally explore different strategic narratives towards present and future challenges