WERX Series Seminar: AFRL’s Science & Technology Web Tool: Tech Connect

Event Took place:


Event Synopsis

MGMWERX hosted an Innovation Education Workshop with Ms. Elizabeth Escamilla, the Department of the Air Force (DAF) Science and Technology (S&T) Tech Connect Lead. As a part of the WERX Seminar Series, Ms. Escamilla explained the Front Door Service’s history, capabilities, and applications to an audience of military and civilian attendees.

The WERX Seminar Series is a monthly webinar program that highlights innovation around the Air Force. In a conversation with Trent H. Edwards, MGMWERX Director, Ms. Escamilla expanded on her work with the web interface tool that strengthens partnerships, and leverages innovation networks. “It’s all a part of the same network ecosystem. [By] pulling on those threads of small business partnerships and innovation relationships we find multiple ways to access opportunities,” Escamilla explained.

"We are trying to tie all of those ecosystems together and gather ideas to create easier avenues for transformative innovations." The seminar was recorded and posted on the MGMWERX YouTube channel as a part of the WERX Web Series. Seminar Link: https://youtu.be/V25sNKeXyFw
Promotional Link: https://youtu.be/PiQMZTglmK0

Event Outcomes

• 28 attendees in-person and on-line
• Explained the history, capabilities and applications of the new and improved Tech Connect Web tool
• Direct link to AFRL Science and Technology subject matter experts and S&T opportunities
• 51 views since posting on YouTube in early Jan