WERXshops! Series: A Space Conversation w/ Tim Chrisman

July 4, 2022

MGMWERX proudly presents WERXshops, a series of events, demonstrations, discussions and seminars designed to provide Air University students, Airmen and the public with opportunities to learn from the best Subject Matter Experts. We are bringing you expertise representing academia, industry, technology, innovation, national security, foreign policy, space and so much more.

TOPIC | Space Infrastructure: Workforce Development in Space

The current aerospace workforce is overwhelmingly white collar, male and upper middle class; and there is a public perception that to work in the space economy one must be good at math, science or a perfect physical and mental specimen – who can become an astronaut. This workforce was useful when the space economy was centered on a single organization whose mission was to push the frontiers of knowledge. Yet now that space is approaching a mainstream economic sector – there is a requirement for a workforce able to fill jobs at virtually all levels of educational attainment. With that in mind, there is a requirement for a dedicated campaign to enable educators, employers, students, and parents to understand the full range of careers available within the space economy and what training is needed therein.

The July installment of WERXShops will feature Tim Chrisman, the Executive Director for Foundation For the Future. Mr. Chrisman has agreed to be a keynote speaker for the Summer Workshop on Teaching Space (SWOTS). He will cover vital topics of discussion about space financing, base infrastructure and workforce development. 

The event will be July 26th at 5:30pm CDT at MGMWERX in Montgomery, AL.

Doors open at 5:30pm CDT and the discussion begins at 6pm CDT.

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AU students, we also want to hear from you! We want to know who and what you want to hear from and about. Come prepared with your requests, questions, and feedback.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


Tim Chrisman, Executive Director for Foundations For the Future

Tim Chrisman is a space policy and geopolitics expert who writes extensively about the future of humanity in space and run the space policy nonprofit the Foundation for the Future. Tim is a former Army intelligence officer, a special advisor to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and most recently, a CIA officer supporting the National Space Council. He earned two master’s degrees – one in Intelligence Studies, and one in International Relations and Affairs from American University.

Foundations For The Future

The Foundation for the Future is pioneering America’s success in space through visionary space transportation and infrastructure projects. The Foundation for the Future is leading the advance of the United States’ space infrastructure development by unifying civil space agency and federal policy objectives, and by connecting a community of supporters and companies to the vast opportunities space infrastructure development provides.

We are a scientific education and public works advocacy foundation, dedicated to one goal: the creation of a space infrastructure administration. This will be a public-private partnership to create jobs in the new space economy, new opportunities for innovators, and ultimately space access for all.