MGMWERX, Fostering Relationships that Cultivate the Next Generation of Leadership

MGMWERX, Air University’s innovation hub in Montgomery, Alabama, has been instrumental in fostering unique relationships between the United States Air Force’s Air University and nontraditional partners nationwide and locally. A recent partnership between a group of Air University students and Montgomery Public Schools has resulted in a one-day leadership training session for a small  group of students from Brewbaker Middle School, helping to cultivate the next generation of leaders.

A small group of students from Brewbaker Middle School were selected for a one-day leadership training session, facilitated by members of the United States Air Force. This project was created and led by Col. Jonathan Varoli, Lt. Col. John Artis, Lt.Col. Dealer Goldsmith, and Maj. Wes Fulfer as part of their research project for the Air University Innovation Task Force. The training aimed to provide students with essential leadership skills and an understanding of the importance of teamwork, adaptability, and decision-making in real-world situations.

“I was surprised at how well the student groups solved the team-building challenge and how they asked questions about our different uniforms,” Lt. Col. Jospeh Goldsmith shared, “the students learned that differences are beneficial, teamwork is important, and communication is key to understanding each other.”

The students from Brewbaker Middle School were immersed in a day of learning and growth, where they were exposed to various team-building exercises, critical thinking activities, and discussions on leadership styles and strategies. This hands-on experience allowed students to develop essential skills and gain valuable insights into what it takes to become an effective leader.

One of the participating students, Rogelio P., who shared his thoughts on the training session, ” It’s not impossible, it’s possible. I learned that it’s good to work together.”

Mrs. Jamie Dubei, the principal of Brewbaker Middle School, also expressed her appreciation for the partnership and the positive impact it has had on his students, “Our students returned to the school, excited and feeling more ready to lead. The teacher and counselor were also inspired, pushing the boundaries of what we have done in the past and how to take it further. I look forward to continued collaboration and partnership.”

The collaboration between these Air University students and Montgomery Public Schools, facilitated by MGMWERX, has proven to be a successful venture. As the students of Brewbaker Middle School continue to develop their leadership skills and explore new opportunities, the partnership sets the stage for future collaborations and growth. There is no doubt that even more exciting and innovative projects are on the horizon.