MGMWERX, Air University Launches New Design Challenge

MONTGOMERY, ALA. – MGMWERX has launched a new design challenge with a focus on facility design. The Education Facility Redesign for Innovative Learning challenge is open for submissions! We are seeking to rapidly innovate the interior design of Air Force educational classrooms used for supporting Professional Military Education (PME) and student training. Specifically, this challenge addresses classrooms and associated offices, auditoriums, and circulation spaces on various Air Force bases and their PME schools.

The Education Facility Redesign for Innovative Learning is accepting submissions through March 9. For complete specifications to the challenge visit:

If your submission is selected, your concept could be applied as a school design template for both the Enlisted and Officer training classrooms throughout the entire Air Force.

MGMWERX facilitates challenges to assist the Air University in finding solutions for the Air Force by acting as a mediator between the Air University and the non-military experts and their suggested solutions.  Anyone can submit ideas to these challenges. The MGMWERX Design Challenge formula presents the opportunity for individuals, startups, small businesses, large enterprises, academics, and research labs to connect with Air Force personnel.

Ultimately, the challenges managed by MGMWERX allows Air University to maximize its potential by teaming its own experts with expert innovators at the non-military level.  The comradery between military and non-military results in the best overall performances by the Air Force.