MGMWERX announces Pitch Night finalists

MGMWERX, in conjunction with Air University’s Leadership, Education, and Development Experience (LEDx), announces the selection of finalists for Pitch Night at 6:30 p.m., Jan. 3 at MGMWERX.

The pitch competition highlights solutions, ideas, or products to make our warfighter better. Candidates submitted concepts using this year’s LEDx theme, “Diversity at the Intersection of Leadership, Innovation & Strategy,” and will now pitch live in front of a judge’s panel of military and industry experts.

The finalists are:

  • The team of Air Force Majs. Joe Dolce and Kyle Reichart, and Aaron Freshwater for STEM to Grow the River Region. The Science, Technology, Engineering and Math assessment study focuses on how it can be implemented and scaled within the local region and grown to create nationwide change.
  • Scott Kempshall for HyALTA, a hybrid lighter-than-air and flying wing air vehicle that allows a single vehicle to provide the simplicity, vertical heavy lift, and extended efficient station keeping capabilities of an LTA with the high glide ratio and velocity of low coefficient of drag flying wings.
  • Ethan Rudd for Multi-Modal AI-Augmented System for Low-Visibility Conditions. The solution aims to create an artificial intelligence-driven system which takes signals from image intensifiers, various forms of IR, and potentially other non-visible light spectrum sensors, and re-casts them with the appearance of natural and clear images of the same scene in the visible light spectrum.
  • Air Force Maj. Rob Trejo for Software as a Weapon System. The submission focuses on the idea that software has grown to such an extent that the Air Force and Department of Defense must recognize it as a weapon system and build the organization to support internal software development.
  • Air Force Lt. Col. Jason Trew for Icarus Institute, offering a concept solution for the value of formalized and integrated design thinking across the continuum of professional military education to facilitate better air-minded strategic thinkers.
  • Nicholas Waugh for SOTERIA. SOTERIA seeks to provide site security managers with the ability to monitor, in real-time, asset vulnerabilities identified during Security Threat and Vulnerability Evaluation assessments, their regulatory oversight program, and their overall risk ratings. SOTERIA also allows security officers to monitor their entire enterprise via speedometer indicators using one singular dashboard tied to each location.

The winning solution will receive funding for advancement of their proposal.

Limited seating is available for the Pitch Night. People interested in being part of the audience should register to attend at:

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