Atmospherics Generator Challenge

We are seeking to rapidly innovate and prototype a web-based platform to ingest globally available data and based upon user inputs for desired topics of focus, synthesize relevant information for enhanced operational awareness and improved decision-making.

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Objective: We are seeking to rapidly innovate and prototype a web-based platform to ingest globally available data and based upon user inputs for desired topics of focus, synthesize relevant information for enhanced operational awareness and improved decision-making.  The tool should depict the information graphically in a way to promote intuitive appreciation for the relevant connections between different elements of information.  The desired product may incorporate vetting of source contributors but should allow for machine-based learning to increase speed of information synthesis and enhance data quality and accuracy over time.

We need your innovative solutions!
With the digital explosion of data and information, leaders in complex organizations find it increasingly difficult to find, glean, and absorb information relevant to the issues they confront on a daily basis.  At the same time, emerging technology in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality will almost certainly offer potential solutions to mitigate the information overload problem.

We are looking for your concept for an adaptive software tool to integrate open-source, disparate bits of information into a coherent picture for a customer to use to make informed decisions.  The ultimate goal of this process is to award contract(s) to develop and deploy a working prototype at the Air University, Maxwell AFB, AL.

Who Should Participate? Software engineers and developers with abilities in coding and automation involving the rapid retrieval and integration of information from multiple sources, in various platforms (electronic, text and visual), and with ideas about how to meet the objective described above.

What’s in it for you?

  • A chance to secure funding for prototype development and experimentation work;
  • A chance to promote your work with the USAF as a collaborator and/or customer;
  • Official recognition for your company or idea; and
  • The opportunity to help the USAF and improve the operational effectiveness of the people that keep us safe.

When presenting a solution, what are the component parts that we are looking for?
Concepts & Ideas presented in a White Paper to describe the proposed solution, with evidence to show the submitter’s programming capability for the proposed solution.

What are some of the specific areas that a solution must address?

  • Compliant with DFARS requirements, to be deliverable over .mil and .com domains
  • Desktop and mobile display friendly, with multiple data presentation options
  • Scalable
  • Sharable via social media, email, and other platforms

Challenge Deliverables:
Please provide a White Paper describing your solution. There is no minimum/maximum page count for this submission. Contributors are to provide their technology concept in the format best suited to convey the information as clearly and succinctly as possible.

How long is the Challenge, what is the Challenge process, and what’s next?

  • Posting a Solution: Solutions can be submitted between the start and end dates published below.  Late solutions will not be allowed and only solutions submitted on the Challenge submission site will be accepted for consideration.  The submission platform requires a written summary of your concept, which will be visible or “open” to any registered user of the submission platform.  There is a provision to upload your White Paper to a location that is only visible to the USAF customer and MGMWERX.  No information that is declared to be proprietary information will be made public, unless posted in a public field on the submission form.
    • Solutions Phase Start: 6/25/2019 @ 11:00 AM CST
    • Solutions Phase End: 7/30/2019 @ 11:59 PM CST
  • USAF Review, Selection, and Invitation: During this phase, a team of USAF customers will review solution proposals.  The top solution(s) meeting the specified requirements will be invited to participate in a design sprint phase beginning in late August 2019.
    • Selection Phase Start: 8/01/2019
    • Selection Phase End: 8/07/2019
  • Design Sprint: During this phase, invited solution providers will participate in a design workshop to refine the product specifications.  Competitors will have the opportunity to refine their design, based on revised specifications, and at the end of this phase, will pitch their updated design.  The deliverable at this stage is a shell of the software product to demonstrate the look and feel of the anticipated product, along with a detailed White Paper to thoroughly describe the planned features of the design.  At the end of this Design Sprint phase, the USAF customer team will review the updated designs and select a single provider to develop the prototype.
    • Design Sprint Phase Start: 8/19/2019
    • Design Sprint Phase End: 9/06/2019
  • Prototype Generation Phase: During this phase, the selected vendor will be compensated to create the prototype of the Atmospherics Generator.
    • Prototype Generation Phase Start: 9/09/2019
    • Prototype Generation Phase Start: 11/01/2019

Some government contracting terms and conditions

  • Announcement of MGMWERX events that are considered to have high potential for further actions that may be accomplished via FAR-based contracting instruments, Other Transactional Authority for Prototype Projects per 10 USC 2371b, prizes for advanced technology achievement per 10 USC 2374a, and/or prize competitions per 15 USC 3719, may be made at the MGMWERX Challenge website.
  • All announcements made at the MGMWERX Challenge website are considered to satisfy the reasonable effort to obtain competition in accordance with 10 USC 2374a(b), 15 USC 3719(e) and 10 USC 2371b(b)(2).
  • All FAR-based actions will follow announcement procedures per FAR 5.201(b).

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