MGMWERX Hosts Unique Book Club for Military and Community Leaders

Leadership Book Club hosted at MGMWERX

MGMWERX welcomes a unique book club to the city. Leadership Literature Book Circle, or “A Book and A Beer” as it has been named, is a special kind of book club. Its founder, Jason Womack, wanted to create an atmosphere for professionals to gather and discuss leadership.

The group has three objectives: introduce yourself to other professionals in the room, state the title of a book you read that highlights leadership, and to share what you learned in a two to three minute summary. From there members collectively read a book about leadership and enjoy an ice cold beer.

The book club got its nickname, “A Book and A Beer”, because Womack wanted an environment where members can come and talk to one another about leadership and books, but in a social setting. The fact that MGMWERX is just a block away from a popular bar is just a bonus. The club originally started in Ojai, California, where Womack previously resided, but in January he accepted a position as an instructor of leadership studies at Air University. Thus, the leadership literature book club was reborn.

This is not your typical book club where all members all read the same book. Womack wants to challenge leaders to think diversely, collaboratively, and innovatively. His goal is for people to walk away as true leaders; challenging their thoughts and the thoughts of the people around them.

Interested in attending? The Leadership Literature Book Circle meets again Wednesday, August 28th , October 9th and October 30th. For more information visit their Facebook page, Leadership Literature – aka, A Book and A Beer. You can also join their Facebook group here.