Winners Announced for LeMay Center Inspiring Doctrinal Innovation Essay Prize Challenge

MONTGOMERY, AL – MGMWERX and the LeMay Center, represented by Major Nicholas Underwood and Lt Col Andrew Bogusky, are thrilled to announce the winners of the LeMay Center Inspiring Doctrinal Innovation Essay Prize Challenge (PC). The competition aimed to recognize exceptional minds who have contributed to the advancement of military doctrine through their thought-provoking essays. After careful deliberation and evaluation of numerous outstanding submissions, the distinguished individuals who have emerged as the winners of this prestigious contest are finally announced. 

Major James Schmitt, an MQ-9 weapons officer currently serving on the Headquarters Air Force staff, claimed the coveted first place. Major Schmitt recently returned from a deployment as the AFCENT Chief of Weapons and Tactics. His winning essay titled “No More Stovepipes: Unifying Air Operations Planning Doctrine to Enable Multirole Mission Success” impressed the judges with its innovative approach. 

Taking second place is Lt Col Abby Barger, the Operations Officer for the 18th Special Operations Test and Evaluation Squadron at Hurlburt Field, Florida. Lt Col Barger’s essay, “The Future is Irregular. Our Doctrine Should be Too,” provided unique insights into irregular warfare and its impact on military doctrine. 

In the third position, Erin Grenier, an Air Force civilian intelligence analyst currently serving as the Red Cell lead in the NORAD & NORTHCOM Wargaming Division, secured recognition for her essay titled “Modernizing Information Operations to Meet New National Security Needs.” Ms. Grenier’s exceptional research and writing skills, combined with her understanding of national security challenges, earned her this well-deserved accolade. 

“These winners demonstrated remarkable intellectual rigor and innovation,” stated Lt Col Andrew Bogusky, “bringing fresh perspectives to Air Force operational doctrine. Their essays showcased a profound understanding of current challenges, proposed insightful solutions, and displayed exceptional research and writing skills. We extend our warmest congratulations to the winners for their outstanding work and contributions.” 

Gratitude is also extended to all the participants who took part in the LeMay Center Inspiring Doctrinal Innovation Essay Prize Challenge. Their dedication, passion, and commitment to advancing military doctrine are commendable. Each submission demonstrated a high level of thoughtfulness and scholarly excellence, making the selection process both challenging and rewarding. 

The success of the LeMay Center Inspiring Doctrinal Innovation Essay Prize Challenge would not have been possible without the support and guidance of the esteemed panel of judges. Their expertise and wisdom brought valuable insights to the evaluation process. We express our sincere appreciation for their time and commitment.  

Looking ahead, we are delighted to share that the next LeMay Center Inspiring Doctrinal Innovation Essay Prize Challenge (PC) is scheduled to launch in late September of 2023. “Building upon the success of this year’s competition, we are excited to provide another platform for brilliant minds to contribute to the evolution of military doctrine,” stated Major Nicholas Underwood, “aspiring scholars, military professionals, and researchers are encouraged to harness their creativity and propose groundbreaking ideas. Stay tuned for further updates and details regarding the upcoming essay challenge as we continue to foster a culture of innovation and intellectual growth within the Air Force community.”

Congratulations once again to all the winners of the LeMay Center Inspiring Doctrinal Innovation Essay Prize Challenge.

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